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Our educational solutions let instructors use a single tool to grab the attention of their students, while at the same time improving communication to the faculty, staff and visitors. They can make TV and video courses, and study material available wherever there is a network connection, including student accommodations. Content can be displayed using classroom and student computers, standard TVs, digital AV projectors, interactive whiteboards, or any other video display device. They can add channels, displays and users virtually without limit, with no impact on picture quality. It gives you fine-grained control over what content is available, where it can be displayed, and who can see it.

- Manage thousands of hours of educational programming using video-on-demand (VoD): eliminate the expense and fragility of DVDs and video tapes

- Give teachers and students instant access anytime to course and study materials

- Continuously record important channels to make sure content is available for teachers; package entire programs or excerpts for course and study use via on-demand playback

- Provide information, news, entertainment, radio and even foreign language TV around campus

- Match TV channels to students’ interests and educational needs in student accommodations

- Preserve Internet bandwidth by delivering TV from a central point on the network, rather than as multiple streams across the Internet gateway

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