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Our solutions drive efficiency and improve communications within medium and large scale enterprises. They get the right information to the right people at the right time, by disseminating company information, training programs, internal company broadcasts, news feeds and other video media via IP streams, to be delivered to personal computers, standard TVs, digital AV projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital signage, or any other video display device.

- Deliver live TV and radio to staff desktops or screens around the building or campus: reduce absenteeism during high-interest public events by providing desktop access to premium channels

- Provide live news and information feeds to decision makers

- Keep staff up to date and provide entertainment in common areas

- Archive training materials and corporate updates for on-demand playback

- Continuously record important TV channels to excerpt news of interest to executives and staff for playback on-demand

- Create corporate information channels using live (e.g. digital camera) or recorded material

-  Deliver information to visitors using digital signage

-  Preserve Internet bandwidth by delivering TV from a central point on your network, rather than as multiple streams across your Internet gateway

- Control content access by user and group


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