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Health Care

Healthcare Solutions can decrease confusion while efficiently guiding patients and visitors through your facility with interactive building maps and facility directories. Advanced technology, like digital signage, helps differentiate your medical facility and is an attractive method to direct visitors to their destination while promoting health messages, upcoming events and classes, cafeteria menus and hospital specialties.

Powerful technology, allows you to control the majority of your visual messaging from one central location. Healthcare Digital signage will drastically decrease the costs associated with printing static signs by giving you the power to transform your communication into eye-catching, dynamic digital messaging.

Some of the Health Care Solution benefits are:
- Distribute free to view and subscription satellite or terrestrial TV signals across your computer network to every patient bedside

- Provide extensive set of local and foreign language TV and radio to hospital patients in their rooms

- Patients enjoy individual control of audio, live video streams and pre-recorded content, improving the health care environment

- Screen based signage can be utilized to convey information in different areas

- Prevent having multiple cables and network systems installed around your building

- Back office control of entertainment systems in public areas via PC

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