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Fraud Management System: (FMS)


One of the ways to fight SIM Box operators is to reduce the gap between interconnect and on-net retail rates. However, this means that retail marketing is restricted in its marketing options. GI Solutions utilize a fast and bullet proof monitoring service to detect and report SIM Box usage. It helps operators to reduce SIM Box activity to zero, enabling marketing to have full freedom in pricing.

The system will perform test calls towards operators’ network from a large number of routes:

•    Mobile operators, including MVNO
•    Fixed operators, including incumbent and alternative carriers
•    VoIP operators such as Skype and Gizmo
•    Calling cards
•    Carrier routes
•    Carrier exchanges

The calls terminate on a probe equipped with the operator’s SIM cards.

A regular test call for SIM Box Detection consists of a call attempt phase only. Once the ringing tone is detected, the result is stored and the call is aborted. All probes send their results back to our central database where records are correlated and stored. A record is created in West Stream Solutions’ systems for every test call. The test schedule can be tuned in various ways (peak versus off peak...) to answer specific needs.

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