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Mobile Banking

We can provide complete solutions that enable Mobile Telecoms operators to provide mobile banking and mobile payments applications, including prepaid and pre-authorized accounts, to their customers’ phones, to take advantage of using mobile phones as payment devices.
Utilizing these solutions can securely personalize any contactless form factor — whether it microSD card in a mobile phone or provided as a contactless sticker that can be securely adhered to a device. No over-the-air (OTA) personalization is required, and because these solutions also support instant activation, the personalized device can be immediately used for contactless point-of-sale purchases.

Financial institutions who can offer consumers a variety of card, contactless and mobile personalization options can take advantage of:

- Extending financial institutions’ reach
  Transforms mobile phones into a form of payment

- Increasing market presence
  New, flexible and ubiquitous way to pay

- Creating new revenue source
  More transactions means more revenue and profit

- Cross-selling: Telco’s and banks can work together
  Co-branding, shared messaging

- Improving customer service & convenience level
  Improves customer loyalty
  Competitive/marketing advantage


Our solutions have minimal impact on your existing systems.

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