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Optical wireless

Our optical wireless systems eliminate monthly telecom costs by providing excellent solution for voice, data & video, full rate / full duplex optical performance. It is faster than RF and aggregate campus Wi-Fi traffic.

We make deployment simple. With our straight forward beam alignment systems, a link can be installed, aligned and operational in less than an hour, with a full installation, including site preparation, taking no more than half a day.

Our powerful lasers also transmit through glass and windows, further increasing your installation options and equipment security. We solve last-mile bottlenecks in hours, not weeks and without the special licensing, digging or infrastructure upgrades required by other short-haul broadband systems.


With our wide product range with varying transmission speeds and distances ensures there is a system tailor-made for your specific requirements.

Whether you plan to build out an entire mesh or ring network or simply connect two locations, our network of partners and affiliates stand ready to tailor connectivity solutions for you-anywhere in the world. We offer complete on-site training, installation, and service for fast attention to your pressing networking needs.



Fast Deployment - Endlessly Future-scalable
As a truly protocol-independent broadband conduit, we easily integrate with current legacy and next generation networks.

We have developed a tool that calculates the link performance level based on your environmental conditions:
- Rain
- Snow
- Fog
- Sandstorms
- Smog/haze
- Scintillation
- Wind
- Transmission through windows

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