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1. National Financial Switch

The National Financial Switch (NFS) , comprises the implementation of a National Switch to facilitate connectivity between the Bank’s Switches and their ATMs, and inter-bank payment gateway for authentication and routing the payment details of various e-commerce transactions, e-government activities etc.
The main objective of the NFS is to make ATM deployment more economical and viable for banks and introduce more similar products on the same delivery channel.
The National Financial Switch allows connecting directly to the individual bank's switch or through their shared ATM Network Switches.
It is a win-win situation for all the banks and more importantly, for the customers.


The NFS architecture comprises of a Production Site and Disaster Recovery Site. The NFS   provide facility to route all types of electronic transactions like:
- Mobile Commerce
- Funds Transfer
- Electronic Commerce Transaction, etc.

The NFS provides for a very high level of availability and are being able to take peak transactions load and excellent MIS Facility. The data is replicated from the Production Server to the Backup Server.


The NFS  Platform  provide  complete set of services for the processing, switching, authorization, and settlement of automated teller machine (ATM), point of sale (POS), and e-commerce transactions.
It provides transaction processing interfaces to host systems, card networks, and other financial institutions.

The NFS Platform provides everything needed to operate a full-service, in-house EFT processing center, including:

i.    ATM and POS device driving
ii.   Transaction switching
iii.  Authorization
iv.  Settlement and reconciliation
v.   Advanced systems monitoring and management
vi.  ATM self-service banking
vii. Data capture and transaction analysis
viii.Network access
ix.  E-Commerce


The NFS Platform  have abundant redundancy built in terms of processing capability, business continuity and disaster recovery facility by augmenting additional and alternative-switching capability in the existing set up.

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