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Airtime Traffic Control & Optimization - ATCO

ATCO (“Airtime Traffic Control & Optimization”) is a distinctive fiscal control tool that is built around an exclusive gateway model, the ATCO Platform.

This tool created and first pioneered by Gateways International allows governments to affirm their sovereignty in the telecommunication sector while improving their control over the taxation declared by national operators and in turn, allows for optimizing the flow and tariff procedures of international calls entering their national territories, without affecting the profit margins of the local national operators, thus in consideration with international conventions and regulations.



The optimization process will allow a clear global reading and compiling of the prices applied at the international level in order to assess the price threshold and readjust the fixing so as to create an income margin for the state within the large margins practiced by those international operators on the country national destination.


Fraud Management System

One of the ways to fight fraud is to reduce the gap between interconnect and on-net retail rates. However, this means that retail marketing is restricted in its marketing options. GI Solutions utilize a fast and bullet proof fraud management system to detect and report SIM Box usage. It helps operators to reduce fraudulent activities to zero, enabling marketing to have full freedom in pricing.

Network Operation Centre

GI infrastructure is built upon a state of the art network with optimal availability and multi scale –multi layer redundancy.

Our NOC spread in two different time zones is multilingual and operates 24 by 7 by 365 to provide high level quality of support via remote alarm monitoring and management, carrying out recovery actions and escalating failure situations.

Technical Helpdesk is the central focal point responsible to receive all technical complaint and act as the centralized interface with the operators internal departments. The network monitoring and technical helpdesk team shall also perform following First Line Maintenance (FLM) activities: 

•    Event and Alarm Management including automated tool based Trouble Ticket Management 
•    First Line Fault Remote Diagnostics
•    Remote Corrective Actions
•    Performance Reporting



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